I think about it a lot. I think about dying. I lie in bed at night and can’t breathe from the bad dreams that paralyze my lungs at the thought of one of my kids dying. I lie there with eyes wide open to the dark and I play it through my head. How would I […]

The boy that made me a mom will turn ten this month. Three days ahead of my own birthday. I carried him in from the car yesterday. I haven’t done that in years. (If you follow me on Instagram over here, you already saw the photo. I was determined to record the moment.) I carried […]

People often ask me how I “do it all” – book writing and blogging and kids and marriage and full time work and community and conferences and figuring out new ways to make chicken. Here’s the obvious truth: I don’t. And what I do manage — I don’t always do very well. When I was […]

I’ve heard the whispers. The rumblings. The women who pull me aside to share with shy and embarrassed eyes this worry that what you do doesn’t count because you do it at 2am when no one is looking except the baby who’s throwing up. Again. Or because what you do doesn’t require a passport. Or […]

I heard it all over Facebook and Twitter and in phone calls last year. The disappointment. The flowers that didn’t come, the cards that were forgotten, the breakfast that was a disaster and that you had to clean up while everyone else was watching TV. The house that wasn’t quiet or clean or tidied up. […]

I met her in a hotel lobby at the MOPS Convention. We walked and talked between fetching bags and sorting out check-ins and standing stranded between hundreds of people pouring out our stories as quick as our stumbling tongues could get to them. Some women are your sisters whether you’ve known them five minutes or […]

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