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It’s cold outside today. Cold and rainy. Zoe has on her blue and white striped leggings and a pony tail that won’t last long. By nap time it will be more tangles than tail and still I like it that way. I was in Dallas last week. And before that I was a bit lost […]

She was one of the last people in line after I got done talking about blogging and callings and the motherhood juggle. I could hear the urgency in her voice. What happens if someone else steals my dream while I’m waiting? What if they write my idea first before I’ve had a chance to get […]

I work from a desk in the corner of our kids’ small playroom. Full time. Usually more. For two years now. Managing social media {and the website (in)courage} for DaySpring, the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark. It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Right now there is a baby girl at my feet playing an […]

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So tell me, what are your favorite on line communities? {And yes, of course your own blog counts!} :: I’m sharing some of my thoughts about social media this week. You can read post 1 here “Relationship not Solicitation” and 2 over here “Conversation not Pitch, Nagging or Complaining.” Want to follow this social media […]

In October I spoke at the Relevant Conference on a panel about social media. I have this awesome gig as the social media manager for DaySpring and community manager for their website, (in)courage. I love my job and I think about social media like, a lot. This week I’ll be sharing 4 posts with some […]

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