The hard good stuff

We’re facing each other in the hallway. His fists are clenched and my jaw is clenched and our voices echo off the walls. There are photos of all three kids blown up on the wall and they’re beautiful and utterly inappropriate right now because we’re about to go head to head. Not in a frame-worthy […]

Yup, we’re going there. There where all the big feelings are. About moms and working. Last week I promised a week of “back story” posts. Because: I don’t want to be scared to tell you how motherhood looks for me because I never want you to be scared of being able to share how it […]

Beauty. It’s a hard word to swallow in this over-thin, over-weight, over-critical culture. My daughter is one year old. I want to imprint beauty into the wet cement of her soul. I want her to see herself through beauty’s eyes. Inside and out. Do you? Do you see beauty spilling out of your reflection in […]

I work from a desk in the corner of our kids’ small playroom. Full time. Usually more. For two years now. Managing social media {and the website (in)courage} for DaySpring, the Christian subsidiary of Hallmark. It’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Right now there is a baby girl at my feet playing an […]

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  My mom used to dance in the mornings. A happy, shameless jig in her PJs right there out in the driveway as my dad drove us off to school. She’d dance and wave and grin and I could feel the love well up from my toes to my nose. It spilled out of me […]

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My tiny human, my gorgeous darling, my little one – you are a girl. You are our first girl and I will never stop celebrating it.  You are a gorgeous, dimpled, delicious, just-one-year-old baby girl. And my darling, there’s some stuff that comes with being a girl that I want to tell you about. Most […]

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