13 Sep 2011

What full circle looks like

Fifteen years ago I stood in the same place I stood last night.


I was 21 and about to fall for the Midwestern boy with the green eyes who was trying to steal third base. Spring on the Washington DC mall – it was a cherry blossom love story.

I couldn’t have known.

I couldn’t have known that fifteen years later I would be standing on that exact same spot with that same boy.

That same boy and our three children.

Life maps itself without our realizing. Without knowing we are standing at an X-marks-the-spot point in time we live on oblivious.

I watch the faces of the students that surround us – that race and chase after frisbees, internships, and the future. They are in a rush to grow up into all that the world has to offer. They run hard at it with no sense yet of the smallness of our stories against the grandness of what God has planned.

Nothing but the steady, determined passing of time can reveal how what we planned compared to what He had in minnd.

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21.

Until moments like tonight. And every end of summer picnic we host on the mall.

When we get to see what full circle looks like.



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  1. 1

    love this friend… and love that your full circle moments happen in my backyard too… I look at those pictures and think of my own many full circles and x marks the spot moments on that lawn :)

  2. 2

    this is truly precious.

    what a lovely thing it is, to stand full circle from love to little ones. i cannot wait to experience this for myself.


  3. 3

    Oh, this is great! We don’t have children, so those full circle moments aren’t quite the same, but I love when I get a chance to revisit all the places where I first fell in love with my husband.

  4. 4

    Beautiful. Remembering those moments from the past and living them again is TRUE JOY!

  5. 5

    Yes! I get that.
    I’ve been to England on the years that end in 7: 87, 97, 07 and once in between. Will the pattern continue? I hope so. Does God have something going on? I sure think so. Lovely. 2000 we went, pregnant, 07 she was 6!
    87 English major
    97 mission to British Born Chinese
    07 grieving my mom, hanging with husband’s conference, loved by his former professors
    Thanks, thanks so for this moment of reflection. Praising God!

  6. 6

    Only the passing of time can reveal how what we planned compared to what He had in mind. So very true! What a beautiful picture of God’s plan unfolding in your lives. Many blessings!

  7. 7

    The circle of love you have in your family is beautiful and undeniable. I’m so thankful at the way you treasure your family and their love.

  8. 8

    “[they] chase after frisbees, internships, and the future….”

    Love that line, Lisa-Jo!

  9. 9

    What a gift to be able to stand there and see/enjoy what God has done in your life! Glorious!

  10. 10

    i’m your newest subscriber– i have chills on my arms as i read everything you’ve written. i love your way with words and how it’s hitting the nail on the head perfectly for me.

    i sincerely adore your blog.

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