22 Oct 2014

To all the heroes – yes you, the ones up to your elbows in ordinary


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23 Jun 2014

For the days you got nothing done


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14 Aug 2013

When you’re tired of waiting


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01 Aug 2013

For the ordinary days

For the ordinary days via lisajobaker.com

Motherhood feels a lot different than the baby books suggested. There should have been an entire chapter on the boredom of board games. Or dishes. Or sweeping. Or unloading the dishwasher. Again. And then the next day. Like sleep deprivation it’s hard to prepare for monotony. So I sift through the moments with a make-believe microscope searching for the wonder hidden in plain sight. It’s all there. Once I blink the tired and temper out of my eyes, it’s all there. The glory of the ordinary day.

28 Jun 2012

Motherhood: where participation beats presentation every time

Motherhood participation beats presentation

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27 Mar 2012

When they ask you what you did today

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