A year of “no”

So, I know I’ve been blathering on rather obliquely over the last month. About feeling lost when you’re following the spiderweb of God’s will. About discovering life after coming out of a season of “no.” About learning not to be afraid of God-sized dreams. About transition. Thank you for walking with me as I processed. […]

I’ve been on a strange journey the last five years. And I felt lost for large chunks of it. Since our first son was born in South Africa five years ago this August, Pete and I have lived in five different houses on two continents. We have hurt, we have rebuilt, we have worked furiously […]

After nearly a year in Michigan we traveled home to South Africa for a visit. We were nervous about how it would go. There was still lingering post traumatic stress from our roller coaster lows while living there. You can read about them in part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the story. But […]

I’ve been digging through some of my old baggage – sharing pieces of the year God told us a whole lot of “no” and not much else. My hope is that it might encourage you if you find yourself stuck in a place where your prayers seem to be bouncing off the walls. If you […]

Based on some of the comments and emails I received after posting about the year God told us nothing but “no” there are folks out there who wonder how the story ended. Well, it ended here This is Owosso, Michigan. Unlikeliest of destinations. Corn fields as far as the eye can see and enough farm […]

Sometimes heading into the New Year can be intimidating. Especially when we are desperate for it to deliver. What if it doesn’t? What if God doesn’t come through? What if His answer to critical questions is just plain old “no.” I’m writing about that over at (in)courage today. About the year God told my husband […]

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